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imos iX 2019

imos iX accompanies manufacturers of furniture and interior furnishings from sales through planning, presentation and construction to production. The branch-specific 3D construction tools are linked with modern machines and new communication platforms. Individual furniture or complex interior design concepts can thus be realized cost-effectively. Detail accuracy and consistency guarantee more safety in the manufacturing process. The modular structure allows for a gradual introduction.


CutRite V11

Cut Rite is the worldwide leading software for optimizing cutting operations for panel-shaped materials. This powerful, user-friendly program optimizes for speed or waste, thus reducing the overall cutting costs.


  • Little manual effort required thanks to easy operation and automatable processes
  • Faster cutting process and material savings due to increased process efficiency
  • Optimized project control thanks to software that is perfectly integrated in the overall process
  • Needs-based extension options as a result of the modular structure
  • A mature algorithm based on more than 35 years of experience

The woodWOP interface is centered around the large graphics area. The workpiece, processing steps and clamping equipment are displayed in 3D. Trimming, bore holes and saw cuts can be programmed quickly and easily by entering the processing parameters, and can then be checked immediately in the graphics area. This optimizes programming reliability and enables you to constantly monitor the creation of the program.


  • WOP programming, CAD and CAM combined in a single software program
  • Very easy to use and offers improved programming reliability thanks to its modern 3D interface
  • Can be expanded with various high-performance add-on modules
MMR MMR data capture

Capture and manage all data


  • Systematic fault analysis for increased machine availability
  • Usage-based information for optimal maintenance
  • Highly user-friendly thanks to graphical display, simple structure and easy-to-use interface
  • Consistent solutions for integrating the machine into the manufacturing process

Manufacturing Execution System - for the wood and furniture industry

Due to the digitalization and connected machines within production processes, manufacturing execution system are getting even more important. ControllerMES is a modular, scalable and flexible software platform, which supports you in every production process. From configuring production data to the final completeness control.


  • The right solution for both craftsmen and industrial enterprises
  • Flexible standard Software
  • Support for optimization of production processes
  • 100% update-ready and scalable
  • Increased transparency, efficiency and control
  • Perfect integration of HOMAG machines in an interlinked production process

Storage Management System for a transparent information and material flow

With woodStore, HOMAG provides its storage systems with an intelligent control. It is the brain of each storage system and optimizes all processes in the storage. woodStore links the purchase system to the order processing, manages offcuts, and optimizes material movements. With its modules, the storage control calculates a storage organization that best fits customer‘s demands.


  • No search for panels: Easy panel handling with high type variety
  • Optimization of material handling: since only those quantities are stored that are needed in a predictable time
  • Cost savings: Offcuts are used up
  • Saving of personnel resources: Cutting and material provision are decoupled from each other
  • Reduction of no longer required stocks: Material consumption is coordinated with the ordering system and the order planning
  • No expensive downtimes: Operating machines are fully utilized
  • No disruption of production caused by lack of material: Optimization only uses the available material for planning