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Project Management - automation and optimization

Effective solutions are the ones that are specifically optimized and integrated to serve your needs. It is for that reason exactly that it is not sufficient to just copy and combine elements from several different systems.

Our aim is to develop an approach that will bring the benefits you are aiming for. Thanks to our experience in the furniture industry and its specificity, we are able to have a realistic overview of the potential of your firm. This gives us the foundation to develop new ideas, show you potential alternatives and integrate tailored solutions, that are according to your plans, products and abilities.

We plan and optimize your processes and information channels.

Process modelling

We calibrate your processes according to your business strategy and the market demands. In order to design an ideal process, it is important that we eliminate all the internal barriers, interfaces, loses, and unessential processes in order to design the “perfect” product. We automate routine operations, we appoint responsibilities and define the necessary information. The benefits for you are the speed of the processes, the optimized management, as well as the reduced operation and administration costs.

Software related consultations

Choosing new IT systems and software are key strategic decisions with long term effects. Using effective solutions, that were able to sustain the test of time, you will improve the quality of data, management of big portfolios with different products, and will reduce employee costs. We offer our advice and plan your organizational and IT concepts, as well as specification requirements.

Increased production of your machines

The optimal use of machines and assembly lines is one of the key factors for success. We will show you how to avoid delays and stoppages, as well as how to increase productivity and optimize the use of materials. In order to do that we use organizational tools such as operational analysis, Pareto’s principle, benchmarking, visualization and preventative maintenance. We use special software solutions for maintenance and problem-solving as well as visualize processes. What is important for you is our impact and work are measurable.