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Established as an IT products provider for the furniture industry, MOS Consult evolved far beyond supplying software products from 2007 on. Our history starts as an imos AG distributor delivering software solutions to our customers in Bulgaria. With the vast experience we have in the furniture industry we have expanded our teams doing hotline, trainings and consultancy for our customers in Bulgaria.

Following the expansion of the company and the new trends in the furniture industry, we have our teams grew to more than 50 employees delivering professional services to our and imos AG customers worldwide.

imos Service OOD was the product of our hard work, a joint venture between imos AG and MOS Consult registered in Varna, Bulgaria. The imos Service specialists are now responsible for the installation, implementation, trainings and data development for all of the imos technology users worldwide. Including wood CAD CAM and imos products.

MOS Consult is still the official vendor of the imos AG software products in the Balkan region or more specifically the following countries:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Kosovo
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia

Our story continues with the automation projects, consultancy and optimization software products of HOMAG Group. As an official vendor for many software products for the region, MOS Consult delivers different software products to the furniture manufacturers, such as ControllerMES, CutRite or Schnitt Profi(t), MMR and many more.

We are supporting HOMAG Group worldwide in the implementation of those products as well as wood CAD CAM projects in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. Building up a strong partnership for more than 6 years, we have implemented various systems together.

Following the success of all projects, MOS Consult recently (2018) established a new division under the MOS Robotics EOOD brand as a technology provider and robotic cell integrator. We are developing robotic cells and the software products automating them. With various connections such as ERP and MES interfaces, imos and WCC data import, smart device notifications available for Apple products (iPad, iPhone and Apple watch), we are following the innovation trends and keep our customers up to date with all Industry 4.0 platforms.

MOS Robotics established a very successful partnership with KUKA Robotics allowing us to produce the best and most efficient solutions for our customers.

We are constantly organizing local and inhouse fairs and presentations in our newly upgraded (2019) Innovation Center in Varna, Bulgaria, where we are presenting the robotic cells and new trends to our customers.

The best software products come together with the best machines of course and that was the reason why we chose HOMAG Group as a machine supplier for our robotic cells as, signing a Sales and Service Partner (SSP) contract with HOMAG Group, MOS Robotics is an official partner from 2019. Our focus is the big product range of small, mid-size and fully autonomous machines of the German manufacturer as well as delivering professional field service, hotline, spare parts and maintenance to our robotic and machine installations, the same way we did with the software projects.

All branches together and many more as our Virtual Reality and CGI department, build up the company culture and thrive for perfection and innovation at all positions. Developing virtual reality projects and many more innovative technologies, constantly testing and researching, educating students and hiring interns at all times, working with universities and high schools we always have something to impress you with.

Our team thanks to all of our partners (including our customers, which we feel like part of our family) for the years of support and trust. We will keep amazing you.




Pavel Dimov

/ CEO at MOS Robotics, MOS Consult and imos Service/