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Database Development

Have you already purchased your imos CAD|CAM / wood CAD|CAM software? 

Are you struggling finding the right people to develop and populate your database and furniture projects into imos CAD|CAM / wood CAD|CAM?

The database development service by MOS Consult can help you solve this problem. 

Our team of experienced constructors and database developers can help configure all your articles and variables to perfection into the imos CAD|CAM / wood CAD|CAM software. The team uses information such as your catalogues and company websites to get as acquainted as possible with the type of business and furniture you are producing. 

We ensure the process is as smooth as possible with constant communication between our constructors and your business. The online video conference meetings eliminate the distance between you and our team of constructors. Real time meetings help for the quick and full synchronization of information between you and the team of constructors working on your project. We believe good communication is the key to successful projects. That's why we maintain and use local telephone numbers in the countries and continents where our clients are - this significantly helps with the communication between the two side, which results in the quality of the end service to you.   

We are firm believers in transparency and measurability of the projects and services we provide. Power BI and Microsoft SharePoint softwares help us better track the progress of your project and give us real, measurable and specific information what has been done and, more importantly, shows us how to further optimize our process and get even better. 

006 Big DataOnce the projects is done you have the ability to test all the articles, give feedback and make corrections so that the articles are exactly to your liking. 

The team also takes into account the different materials, colour schemes, edges you use and the supplier of connection technology and sets all the variables for you to be ready in your imos CAD|CAM / wood CAD|CAM software. 

Are you wondering what else can we help you with so that you can focus on building the business.

Many clients opt to get help for construction principles development, materials and connection technology. We also do XML development for the imos CAD|CAM / wood CAD|CAM design catalogues, imos PLAN, Order Manager, and imos NET platforms. 


For more information on how we can help you and your business, don't hesitate to give us a call to learn more.