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Virtual reality

You have an idea but you are not sure how it will look in real life? 

That’s something we can help you with. Thanks to our professionalists, there is no need to wait impatiently to see if the new floor tyles are right for you, if the new kitchen will fit in your space or even whether to choose Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber for a wallpaper in your kid’s room.

Using cutting edge technology and professional software you can get the answers to these and similar questions in the shortest time periods.

An since the human imagination is practically unlimited, we at MOS Consult Ltd. Offer a wide arrangement when it comes to visualization of your ideas. We can give life to either your most abstract ideas for interior design or recreate your most wild fantasy for animation. Other than photorealistic rendering of separate, single images our team has experience rendering architectural walks, the so called walk-through animations. In the portfolio of completed projects of the rendering team of MOS Consult you can also see more complicated object presentations where the main goal is focusing on specific products or objects. 

You can receive information about your specific visualization idea at any time.

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